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Book Review: Visiting Feelings (Rubenstein/Hehenberger); Peaceful Piggy Meditation (Kerry Lee MacLean)

Before I had children, I went through many phases of character development, spirituality, and mindfulness. Around the time I was married, I felt that I had a decent grasp on my life and anticipated that once we had children, I would be able to quickly put all my ‘lessons learned’ to proper use. …Well, let’s just say it took me…

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Children’s Book Review: The Man with the Violin (Stinson/Petricic) & Happy Dreamer (Reynolds)

These book reviews are not affiliated with nor sponsored by any third party. I just felt like sharing 🙂 When was the last time you were reminded to “stop and smell the roses”, to “be present”, “become one with the moment”… or some variation of the same idea? We may react differently to these ideas, depending on our current circumstances,…

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