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“You should be free to learn, so that you can learn about freedom”

Learning At Home

Ever since I have been given some guidance from our homeschool Kindergarten school-teacher, it has been very pleasant to have some form of direction to our activities. I still take the girls on plenty of field trips, and they naturally accompany me on all of my errand-runs, but I think I am more focused on my conversations with them.

When a certain topic comes up, such why does smoke come out of the exhaust of some cars, I can take that question and teach at least 2-3 things about cars and how they work.

Our days at home are never the same either. We don’t have a set schedule of events, other than their enrichment classes that they are enrolled in. It’s nice to go-with-the-flow and not be rushing from one activity to another.

Some days are more productive than others, but overall, the girls don’t even notice they are learning. I think since we started our homeschool “curriculum” as of 2 weeks ago, N5 has noticed that the activities I present them are more focused in nature, and occasionally, she will say that she is tired of one thing and wants to move on.

Moving forward, I will try to share a summary of our daily learning activities here. I would LOVE to hear from you in the comments or on Instagram about any feedback, ideas, suggestions etc.

So here is a snapshot of one of our days:


Without much explanation, I put the 2D shapes on the table and pretended to be busy with something else. Both girls played with them. Then N5 and I casually talked about properties of 2D shapes including number of sides, name of shape etc. She tried to sort them based on the shape, but sure enough, little sister moved them around.  I then took out the 3D shapes and started “reading” the name of the shape from the pamphlet.  I knew most of their names, but pretended that I also needed to look it up, since “grown-ups are also always learning”.

Without much guidance or provocation, N5 just casually picked them up and matched them with corresponding 2D shapes. It was absolutely amazing to watch her make the associations so naturally, and to see the tiny sparkle of satisfaction in her face, every time she matched them.

She then traced a few shapes in her journal and then stacked them to build a castle.

Language Arts:

We found our letter cards that have sandpaper-textured letters on them. N5 felt each letter and then wrote the word triangle as I dictated the letters to her. She realized that Triangle begins with Tr and not “chr”. She felt so proud of herself for having figured out this important detail about the word Triangle!

On a separate sheet she practiced writing a few more letters and learned that the line across A and H don’t go beyond the vertical lines.

Social Studies:

We went to the grocery store and the girls helped pick out what we needed. N5 noticed these red foam boards along the refrigerator shelves and was not sure what they were for. She took one to one of the workers and asked. The store clerk explained to her that when they want to restock the shelves, they have to kneel down and the boards provide cushion.  As we continued out shopping run, we talked about the different roles of the store clerks. Both girls helped the cashier scan our groceries, and returned the carts to their “home”. N5 then told the cashier that  when she grows up she wants to be a cashier, a store worker, and a cowboy.

The best part of today was watching both girls learn together, from one another and flourish at their own developmental stage.

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