Another New Me: Introduction to My Ketogenic Journey

Skepticism. Research. Decision-making. Challenges. Recipes. Maintenance. Sharing.

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“I don’t believe in the concept of time and I don’t believe in conclusions.”  That’s what I said to my then-boyfriend, just a few months into dating each other. It sounded like an escape route, but I meant it differently. My dad used to always encourage me to cherrypick the best elements of everything and leave behind whatever doesn’t resonate. This way of thinking usually butts heads with dogmatic belief systems, but for me it has always given me a sense of freedom, to pick, to choose, to change, and to keep. And because my then-boyfriend understood what I truly meant, we got married and are living the Life together. 

Throughout the past eight years, the two of us have made quite extreme decisions about our nutrition. It has ranged from being vegetarian, preferring raw foods, preferring organic, eliminating processed foods to now being gluten free and ketogenic. The beauty of not believing in the concept of time or in conclusions lies in the ability to change your mind as you see fit. This pretty much sums up our lifestyle and how we make our decisions. It goes without saying that our ever changing nutrition journey has also raised some eyebrows, and often annoyed those around us. But the funny thing is that most of the time, the raised eyebrows turned into curious looks, and eventually their own changes in eating-habits. 

So fast forward to early May this year, when my husband had his own awakening and after lots of research, decided to change his eating habits. He became ketogenic. He promised me that he would do his best not to add any more work to my load, by preparing his own food and doing his own shopping. I watched him add new things to the fridge and pantry, and get busy at the stove and oven. But, being a Capricorn and all, I was SKEPTICAL and initially quite worried. All that fat he was eating! He completely eliminated carbs of any sort, including alcohol, but ate a LOT of fat! 

After about 3 weeks, I saw some pretty awesome changes in him! His mood, his energy, his clarity of mind, his weigh-tloss, and his smile! I said to him I wanted to start tomorrow, but he responded that I should first do my own RESEARCH, and then make the change if I still believed in it. And so I did. 

I made the DECISION to try something new, something different, and something healthy. Having my husband’s support made it so much more easier, and eventually it became a team effort for both of us to become healthier. 

Just like anything else, changing my eating habits to become ketogenic had it’s own CHALLENGES: how I felt, how my body reacted, responding to criticism, and figuring out what to eat all day! 

Over time, I became more intrigued in how creative fellow ketoers (is that even a word?) were, when it came to changing around RECIPES to come up with flavorful meals and deserts that had low net carbs. Before long, I found myself modifying some of the recipes, and even coming up with our own.  

Finding other ketoers has been a key element of being able to MAINTAIN this way of eating. What’s interesting is that as I am constantly working on keeping up with recipes, and making changes in my eating habits, I have also been leaving some sort of impression on my children. They are now asking me about the nutritional benefits of the foods I serve them. 

So over the next I-don’t-know-how-long, I will be SHARING my Ketogenic Journey on my blog. Many of my friends and family members have asked me and my husband about this journey, and have asked questions that I have already had the chance to answer for myself. Maybe my answers will help you if you are considering changing your way of eating, or they may encourage you to simply rethink your way of eating in whichever way you see fit.   

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