The Perfection of Motherhood Lies in its Imperfections

So I’ve been kind of MIA from for the past few months, for different reasons, but mainly because I was doing some soul-searching about where I want to take this blog.  You see, as a mother, my days are filled with everything from energetic mornings, my kids fighting over wet paper-towel trails on the ground, figuring out what to do with them for the day, wearily looking around the house at the crazy mess, and finally reluctantly going through my social media feed. The worst part has been the social media feed; especially when things are far from perfect at home, and then seeing the beautifully decorated homeschool spaces, walls lined with shelves that are filled with loose parts, kids’ meals presented in the form of rainbow colored farm animal shapes, and then the ever-so-hot and beautiful moms who are vacationing at a beach somewhere.


Ok, let me back up. I have not been ungrateful for what I have, but I have fallen victim to the not-so-honest perfections that I see in my daily feeds. Picture after picture, I see snapshots of perfect caretakers, with perfectly calm children, doing perfectly age-appropriate tasks, in perfect spaces. Sound familiar? I am not at all questioning the integrity of all the lovely individuals whose social media feeds I CHOOSE to follow! Quite the contrary, I have finally, truly, deeply acknowledged and accepted that I cannot compare my motherhood journey to the cherry-picked images or videos of others. That’s all.


And that’s how I started thinking about my own Blog and Instagram feed of @mommywhispers where I am also one of those people who tries their darnedest to take the perfect shot at the perfect time. I have realized that I actually don’t want to focus on the color of the plates that I use to show what I recently cooked, or the dirty clothes my kids are wearing when I take a snapshot of their joy while painting outdoors. This is not just because I don’t care, rather it’s because I want to portray who and how we are, just the way we are.


I probably will not share too much from the not-so-rosey parts of our days, because I prefer not to spread negativity in your social media feed. But I will try my best to be more honest with how things really are in our journey. After all, I started this blog as a casual journal to be visited by my girls one day, and also to connect with other moms who are in a similar place.


The best part of motherhood is all the imperfections that give me joy. I am learning that every time I release myself from the chains of comparison, I am able to focus on a more important lesson for myself and my family.  When I stopped worrying about what others think of my parenting-style, I noticed that I needed to teach my girls to learn to accept others just the way they are. And when I stopped comparing myself to others, I focused on leading by example for my girls. Changing what we eat, frequently exercising and opting for activities that involve nature, have been our family goals these days. The girls are both well aware of these changes and are happily chiming into our natural family rhythm. What else could a mother ask for?


I am far from being a perfect ANYTHING, not to mention a perfect mom. But I am happy. I am content. I am grateful. I am I.

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