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Another New Me: Introduction to My Ketogenic Journey

Skepticism. Research. Decision-making. Challenges. Recipes. Maintenance. Sharing. Subscribe to my Blog. I will go through each step of My Ketogenic Journey in detail with you.  “I don’t believe in the concept of time and I don’t believe in conclusions.”  That’s what I said to my then-boyfriend, just a few months into dating each other. It sounded like an escape route,…

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The Perfection of Motherhood Lies in its Imperfections

So I’ve been kind of MIA from for the past few months, for different reasons, but mainly because I was doing some soul-searching about where I want to take this blog.  You see, as a mother, my days are filled with everything from energetic mornings, my kids fighting over wet paper-towel trails on the ground, figuring out what to do…

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