Believe in Moments of Self-Trust

To be a girl and woman in this world can be quite challenging. As you grow up, you will go through many stages of emotions and phases of behavior, and sometimes it may feel overwhelming. Throughout this exciting journey of your lives, just always remind yourself that it IS ok and that it WILL BE ok. 

Whether you are trying to make sense of your so-called ‘best friend’s’ actions, or are involved in a romantic relationship, the best you can do is to just continue being yourself as it feels right in that very moment. This requires a great deal of self-trust, especially while you are in the midst of what appears to be emotional turmoil. Momentary self-trust is the most important element of confidence, and the more you practice it, the stronger you become. When facing a difficult situation, where your next step could determine a whole new path in your life, ask yourself whether you are about to make your decision based on impulse, prior experience, or the desire to please? If you have true self-trust at that point, you will be pleasantly surprised by your inner wisdom to answer this question, and if you follow this with honesty, the decision will be a piece of cake. 
There will be times where you just cannot decide whether the decision you are about to make does or does not feel right, and when you reach that point, that is when you have reached yet another turning point in your character development. It means that you are at that very moment trying to delve into your past behaviors for guidance, while realizing that maybe those behaviors require some improvement. It also means that you are no longer deciding based on impulse, but rather are trying to digest the moment just enough to take control of it. 
What can be especially difficult to handle is looking back during different times in your lives, and noticing your own conflicting actions and behaviors. Your first reaction may be one of disappointment or even regret, followed by confusion about who you are and future decisions you will be making. There are no better moments in life than these moments of self-reflection. You are looking into a mirror of your past, and at the same time you can see your future. In order to make the best of these precious breaks in time, try to go back to that feeling of self-trust. Look at yourself in that mirror with confidence and trust that every moment in your past was justified with your mere existence. Everything around you at that point in time was in unison with your being. 
You may have been misaligned in the past, or even right now, but know that even misalignment at times is necessary for perfect alignment. Your acknowledgment of misalignment is the first step towards alignment yet again. The beauty in all of this is that you are giving yourself complete freedom to change your mind, your path, your emotions and thereby your alignment. 
Just enjoy your moments and trust yourself. 

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