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Daughters of Mine: Wipe those foggy lenses

  Intense emotions and extraordinary thoughts are typical characteristics of pregnancy and motherhood. It’s a combination of hormonal imbalances and daily physiological stresses such as lack of sleep or poor nutrition that lead to these extremes, and coming to terms with them is not an easy journey. Unfortunately, many new mothers are not prepared for the internal turmoil that awaits…

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Home, Nutrition

Watch what you eat before you start feeding the little ones

Nutrition is one of my favorite topics to research, learn about and apply at home.  As a young child when I was given fruits, I would imagine that I was on an exotic and colorful island. I would imagine that the fruit in my hand was all that I had to eat, and that I was enjoying it to the…

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How to just “be” in the Art Room

Art was not my forte throughout high school; something about it really stuck with me and kind of scarred me.  I recall sitting in art class during those highly emotional and hormonal teenage years, and being more concerned about other people’s masterpieces, than my own. What did not help was the incessant praise that my “talented” classmates would receive, which…

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Believe in Moments of Self-Trust

To be a girl and woman in this world can be quite challenging. As you grow up, you will go through many stages of emotions and phases of behavior, and sometimes it may feel overwhelming. Throughout this exciting journey of your lives, just always remind yourself that it IS ok and that it WILL BE ok.  Whether you are trying…

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Daughters of Mine

My darling daughters:   Motherhood is a timeless and unifying journey, if you allow it to be. I like to compare it to a free flowing river, where I see myself as the guiding riverbanks, and each child as their own flow of fresh life-giving water. I am always there for you, to guide you as you need it, to…

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